Don’t Let The Sun Make Your Car Ill!

Today there is a lot awareness about the dangers of the sun. How the sun can cause burns, skin cancer and many other types of illnesses. However what is not so well known is the damage that the sun can cause to cars. When cars are left standing in the sun for long periods of time, the ultra-violet rays from the sun also have a detrimental effect on cars. To begin with, the exterior of the car will become wrecked when exposed to the sun. The rays from the sun literally melt the finish, and bleach the paintwork. As a result, what is left is a dull, colourless car standing drably in the driveway. Gone is the former lustre and shine. Gone is the former glory and beauty. Gone is the vibrant, fresh colour. In addition, when a car is left in the heat, the inside gets overheated. This is unbearable to drive in and can be extremely stuffy and claustrophobic. Not only that but the driver can even burn his hands on the steering wheel due to the intense heat. The internal workings of a car are also at risk from the sun. As the car overheats, the internal specs get ruined, and the car no longer works as well as it really should. So yes, the sun definitely has a part to play when it comes to wrecking cars, and plays it’s part well. Unless the car is fully protected by either a garage or a car cover, it will not last. Porsche cayman car cover are a better investment than a garage, simply because it is a portable garage. It can be taken around anywhere and everywhere, ensuring that the car is always protected no matter what.

The Sunbrella car cover from Covercraft is probably the best type of cover for these circumstances. The cover is woven from acrylic fibres that are naturally resistant to the ultra-violet rays. This means that the resistance will last forever, and not wear away with time, unlike treated covers. At a much lower degree, Sunbrella covers are resistant to water so that the car is still protected from that occasional rainfall. When the car is covered with the Sunbrella cover, it is also protected from dust coming and settling on the car. Dust can be a real nuisance and make the car look old and dusty, aside from which, the dust particle often end up scratching the car itself. Sunbrella car covers resist the growth of rot and mildew in most environments, so the car is safe whilst covered, and will not get mouldy. Customers have the choice of five colours that the Sunbrella cover comes in; Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Grey, Jet Black or Toast, all of which will make the car look very stylish whilst covered. The colour of the cover will neither fade in the sun as the acrylic fibers are dyed before they are even woven, so the colour is embedded in the fabric itself, not just on the surface.

Just So You Know – A Few Tips to Buy Your Camaro Safely

Here are a few tips to buy your classic camaro safely, as you know there are a lot of people cloning camaro’s , and when that happens you also find that there are a lot of people that can’t refuse to try and rip you off, just so you don’t become a statistic, I’ll give you a few things to look for. First of all if you’re looking at a 1969 model, and the car you looking at is an SS, or a Z/28 camaro, easy to tell if it’s real or not, there are some things that most rip off artists will over look during the build of the clone that their going to try to rip you off with.

You can tell this by looking at the rpo code of the car, the rpo code is located on the passenger side of of the engine block on a machined pad in front of the cylinder head, you can’t miss it, if you don’t see one there, it may be covered in grease, just clean it off, and if it’s a genuine 1969 Z/28 it will have the letters DZ in the rpo code. A 1968, or 1967 would have the letters MO in the rpo code, now the other area on the engine that you should look at is the casting number, because this number cannot be ground off and replaced, the casting number can be found on the transmission mount on the driver side engine block at the back, it’s sometimes hare to see, nut it’s a must to look at, it will tell you year, size, and application of the engine. Now for the SS, depending on if the car is an SS 350, 396, or some special build car, it should have all of the above, minus the 302 CI the Z/28 both came with a 12 bolt rear end housing, and multi leaf springs, these should be on any car that you purchase, Both also had the 120 MPH speedometer, and the 8,000 RPM tach, and these should be present in them also, you going to want to check trim tags, and paint transmission the car came with from the factory. Both cars came from the factory with front power disc brakes, and should always have those installed, and a lot of the had the option of a center console.

Set The Expressway On Fire – Get A Hot Custom Car

There was a time when people used to be happy with orthodox designs and features on their vehicles – but days have changed! No one seems to be satisfied unless they browse through popular custom car sites using the Internet and find a stylish accessory which could be used to elevate the image and performance of their machines. Even the owners of brand new luxury automobiles in US are going for customization of their vehicles. Though global economic condition is not that favorable, auto accessories market seems to be on fire – everyone is ready to pay a good part of their incomes to ensure that their vehicle looks better than the neighbor’s! Recently, a custom-made UFC-branded Chevrolet Camaro was auctioned off for a charity at a staggering $350,000 price point. The money raised is being used to benefit the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. The “limited edition supercar” comes with a 650-horsepower ultracharged V8 engine and was bought by Shannon West of Grand Junction, Colorado.

Falling Back In Time

Custom car fad started trickling down to automobile enthusiasts around 1940s in the Los Angeles area. At this time, Harry Westergard started to customize ’36 Ford cabriolets and coupes in his home garage at Southern California. It’s quite interesting to know that even car racing legend Frank Kurtis did automotive modification work in L.A between his racing activities. Typical car modifications in this era involved trim removal, adding glass-pack mufflers to get the ‘heavy sound”, and chopping the top.

Present Day Custom Cars

As customization heavily affected the urban population in US, even branded automakers of the world started offering customization services to ensure a better a clientele base. Present day custom works involve addition of selected automotive accessories such as:

* Grille Bars & Bull Bars

* Tonneau Covers

* High-end air intake systems

* Underdrive Pulleys

Muscle cars have regained their lost popularity as Americans have realized that their retro structures offer best customization prospects. People are more interested on checking custom car sites to lay their hands on legendary muscle cars such as Camaro, Challenger, and Mustang! Gas Prices Rising Due to Oil Spills Hence SUV Car Covers Are Becoming More Common This Winter

The shame about SUVs nowadays, is that no one gets the chance to use them. The cost of gas is way too expensive to go cruising down the road in one, just like that. It ends up that people are waiting for a special enough occasion to use them. But in the meantime, the poor car gets neglected and is left to collect dust and dirt. The real shame about that is by the time the special occasion arrives, the SUV is virtually unusable due to the unbelievable amount of dust and dirt that has collected over time. This is more than just a shame, it’s a downright waste of a good vehicle plus space in your driveway. This is where car covers come in. SUV covers will protect the SUV from all the harm in the outside world. Nature is the local terror when it comes the the paint work. They literally tear apart the once beautiful shiny body. The rain, sleet, and snow all eat away at the exterior. The rust sets in after a while and all in all, it looks like a wreck and its left with ugly watermarks all over its exterior. The sun will bleach the exterior paintwork. Within no time at all, it will look faded and old. In addition, leaving the vehicle exposed for long periods of time in the sun will ruin the inner specs of the auto, causing the engine to malfunction.

Dust, bird droppings, tree sap, all are attracted to parked cars like a magnet, and a SUV is no exception. These nuisances leave unsightly stains on the car and are near impossible to remove. It will take extensive cleaning, and expense to fully remove these sorts of stains. And then there’s the scratches, nicks and dings. These can happen so easily. All it takes is some sticks and stones to get caught up in the wind, and as they fly past, they leave their mark on the car. All it takes is for someone to leave their keys hanging from their pants, and as they brush past the car in a hurry, oops, they’ve left a small scratch. They don’t even realize it, but the scratch is there. All these natural accidents happen daily. Car covers however will protect the car in a multitude of ways so that these things don’t affect the SUV. The Suv car covers are waterproof, thereby keeping the entire thing totally rain, and snow free. SUV covers are also uv rays reflective, and the sun’s harmful rays cannot penetrate through to the car. And naturally, having SUV covers, shields the car from any sort of dirt and dust. It also provides some sort of cushioning against little dents etc.

Performance Car Flair and Styling

Whether you own an ’89 Toyota Supra Turbo, a ’96 Ford Mustang GT convertible, or a 2004 Dodge Magnum SE, you have something in common with other owners: you appreciate performance. Truly, each of these three models as well as tens of others have kept up the performance under the hood while offering designs that are aesthetically unique and appealing. Chances are, however, you are not completely satisfied with your car’s look. Have you considered customization? If so, the costs can be quite high. Let’s look at three, easy to install accessories that can give your car that personalized look without busting your budget.

Car Bras – Popularized during the 1960s on select European models, car bras began to catch on in the U.S. by the early 1980s thanks to LeBra, a leading manufacturer of car bras. Early Supra models featured the beefy bras which offer both a styling flair and hood protection. Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, BMWs, and so many other cars are now sporting customized LeBra car bras. They look great on most vans, trucks, and SUVs too!

Brush Guards – SUV owners have learned that one big way they can protect their front ends is by installing a set of quality Manik brush guards on their ride. Manik is made from stainless steel and is designed to protect your vehicle’s headlights from being smashed and your front end from damage. Even if you aren’t one who is prone to take your wheels off road, a Manik brush guard can protect your front end in a small collision or from a wayward shopping cart. Manik brush guards look awesome too and can transform the look of your ride within minutes of installation.

Headlight Covers – Yet another way to transform your vehicle’s image is to install a pair of custom headlight covers. GT Styling, a manufacturer of headlight covers, light covers, and tail light covers has been transforming cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs for years with their innovative and attractive looking accessories. Made from durable composite materials, GTS covers are almost indestructible while allowing the right amount of light to emit freely. Quite frankly they have to be tough: with all of the road debris being kicked up on our highways, you need a product that not only looks great but can stand up under adverse conditions. Each of the three accessories mentioned can transform the look of your vehicle quickly and cost effectively. For the best selection of car parts and accessories, visit the Race Pages to check out their line of Manik, GT Styling, and LeBra products at wholesale prices.